What is a widget?

A widget is a portable, self-contained mini-site that you can place anywhere on the web - on social networks, start pages, blogs and websites. You can also place widgets on your desktop or send them to friends. Widgets can contain all sorts of content - anything from photos to videos to blogs to games! It's the content you want, where you want it!

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How do I add an NBCU widget to my social network profile, blog, start page, website or desktop?

Adding NBCU widgets to your social network profile, blog, start page, website or desktop is easy! All it takes is two simple steps:

1. Click the "Add to" button.
2. Choose your service from the menu. You can choose to email the widget, embed it by copying a line of code or add it directly to sites like MySpace, Friendster, iGoogle, LiveJournal, Blogger and more!

Where can I see examples of NBCU widgets live on the web?

NBCU Widgets are all over the place! You can see some live examples at the sites below:

NBC Widget on HuffingtonPost.com Bravo Widget on EntertainmentWeekly.com Access Hollywood Widget on PerezHilton.com
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